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A dedicated research scientist, Sujata Jolly has always looked beyond the limitations of established thinking and A dedicated research scientist, Sujata Jolly has always looked beyond the limitations of established thinking and conventional procedures.  She has demonstrated a rare ability to come up time and again with groundbreaking innovative solutions to diverse problems.

Her many scientific achievements range from inventing an important novel silicon rubber digester for the improvement of Rolls-Royce aircraft engine maintenance (see below), to devising the world’s first instrument to utilise sound energy for eradicating unwanted hair.

Sujata’s major interest now is in finding effective solutions to health and skin-related problems and she is often called upon by both print and broadcast media to give her opinion on these issues.

A notable achievement was Sujata’s invention and development of an innovative silicon rubber digester (remover) for Rolls-Royce aerospace engines.  This important development significantly improved high-grade engine maintenance, and led to increased aircraft engine safety and to cost savings of £ millions. It is still in use today.

Sujata researched and developed specialist skin treatments to alleviate debilitating skin problems such as acne, pigmentation, scarring and sun damage.  The Oxypeel range was carefully designed to be effective while having none of the harmful side effects associated with other treatments in common use for these conditions, such as Roaccutane – which has even led to suicide – and other topical and oral medication, abrasive chemical formulations, or the use of machines.

Micro-pigmentation is able to correct disfigurements.  For example the appearance of scars can be minimised, and the technique can be used to recreate the colour of the areola after operations for breast augmentation procedures. It can also provide an effective solution for creating eyebrows and lash-lining for alopecia patients who have lost their own hair. Now widely used here, the technique, also known as ‘permanent make-up’, has become popular with many people as a purely cosmetic application.

Epil-Pro is a unique device which harnesses the power of sound energy to shatter the papillary cells at the hair root.  Unlike other hair removal systems, such as electrolysis, IPL or laser, Epil-Pro is free of side effects and can be used safely to remove superfluous hair without risk of burning, scarring or pigmentation.  It is truly non-invasive, virtually painless, and is effective on all hair colours and all skin types and tones.

Epil-Pro represents a significant breakthrough as it is thought to be the first time ever that sound energy has been harnessed for this type of application.

Youki is the first treatment of its kind.  It can be applied direct to open wounds – everything from cuts, grazes and minor burns to chronic ulcers. Once applied, Youki forms a protective breathable film dressing over the wound – there is no need for traditional bandages, plasters or dressings. Youki works by supporting the skin’s own natural repair mechanism, providing the optimum conditions for healing.  Youki acts rapidly to reduce bleeding, relieve pain, accelerate healing and minimise scarring.

Youki’s specific benefits are its ease of use, its versatility, non-allergenic qualities (of particular benefit to people who are allergic to dressing adhesive), the environmental implications of reduced waste disposal and, most importantly, its ability to reduce overall healing time and scarring.


Sujata is frequently consulted and recommended by dermatologists when patients have failed to respond to regular prescription medicines and creams.

Sujata is a great campaigner on topical issues which affect consumers and the health and beauty industries. In this respect, she advises local authorities and is actively involved in issues such as educating the ethnic population about the dangers of using skin-lightening products which can be disfiguring and harmful.

Sujata is an opinion leader in her field and her views on skin problems are widely quoted in the press; on numerous occasions she has appeared on both radio and television in the including BBC, ITV, CNN and Al Jazeera.

Sujata is often invited to lecture upon skin and skin-related problems.  She has lectured both in the UK and abroad, including Cyprus, Singapore, Greece, Brazil, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and USA.

In 1999 Sujata was short listed for the Asian Women of Achievement Awards

In 2001 Sujata was included in the international Who’s Who of Professionals, for her outstanding contribution to health and remedial skincare research and development.

Expert panellist at Living Innovation – Learning From The Best, hosted by University of Luton knowledge hub.

Short listed in the “Innovation” category in the Leadership and Diversity Awards 2004.

Lectured in wound management at the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Expo in   October 2004.

Addressed a group of fifty medics and health professionals in Florida in February 2005.

Asian Women Of Achievement Awards 2005 – short listed in “Entrepreneur” category.

September 2005 launched Radiance by SJ3 – a salon treatment for home use to tackle pigmentation and uneven skin tone without the use of harmful skin bleaching agents.

In January 2007 Youki The Wound healer was successfully trialled for use on cancer wounds by King’s College at St Christopher’s Hospice.

In May 2008 Sujata was recognised by the India International Foundation for her achievement in the field of scientific developments

In 2009 Radiance by SJ3 was developed into a fully fledged hands-on medi-spa therapy for salons and spas; a luxurious facial for skin lightening, brightening and rejuvenation that delivers visible results instantly.

June 2011: Sujata Jolly, an expert in advanced wound healing, was invited to co-author a chapter on the concept of Dry Wound Healing Using Spray-on Dressing for Chronic Wounds. The book, Advanced Wound Repair Therapies book is published by Woodhead Publishing.

In September 2011, Sujata was appointed trustee of the Fremantle Trust, a large charity and not-for-profit business providing care and support services for older people and adults with a learning disability.

Philosophy: “ Simplicitas, Probitas, Integritas ”

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